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Sept 26 & 27

Sept 26th

I left the campground in Ebro, FL, at daylight. I continued on route 20 towards Blountstown. It was a pretty drive especially at sunrise.

This area got hit hard with Michael; a category 5 hurricane a year ago. I passed the place where I was hand cuffed in 2017 and Dr Bontrager had to pay 100.00 towards our mission for my release. It was all planned of course.

I met my cousin Elam Stoltzfus in Blountstown for lunch. We had a good time talking about our past. We both grew up within a mile of each other in PA.

Dr. Larson invited me to camp at their place for a few nights. I was planning on staying two nights Fri and Sat night. When I mentioned I needed 30 amps for my air conditioner, his answer was no problem we’ll have it by this afternoon.

Talking with Elam I mentioned that I am traveling south 10 miles to a campground for the night. Elam said I am fairly certain they are still closed from the hurricane last October. He said, You don’t want to drive down there , call Dr. Bontrager. I know him well, he won’t mind.

I called him and he said, “You come over and stay as long as you want. I won’t be back till evening, back in the yard where you were in 2017. You know where the shower and bathroom are, help yourself.

Sept 27nd

I woke up this morning knowing I won’t be traveling today and I can relax.

Dr Bontrager came out and said he will be in his office couple of hours this morning and then he needs to trailer his skid steer loader to Tallahassee for repairs and he was wondering if I wanted to ride along. I said I would enjoy that. I jumped on Smiley and rode down to their favor diner in town and had a real breakfast.

Dr Bontrager worked a couple of hours doing a root canal and a crown and then we jumped in his truck, pulling a trailer with the skid steer loader, heading to the industrial shop for repairs.

I admire Dr Bontrager, he can work in the office and the next thing he is doing construction work. His Daughter is also a Dentist and works in his office so he can enjoy his other adventures.

We got on interstate 10 and headed towards Tallahassee and just like that one of his tires blew out. We pulled off the road, he had a spare tire but no jack and we weren’t sure what we were going to do until I thought lets unload the skid steer and use that to lift up the trailer and change the tire. We were proud of ourselves for thinking all this.

We got the tire changed and delivered the skid steer to the Cat place in Tallahassee, FL.

Got back and his wife Linda had a nice lunch ready for us. It was more like a full home cooked meal and it tasted so good.

I am enjoying my stay here. I am able to catch up on sleep and rest and Dr, Bontrager and his wife are so gracious. I am parked out in their back yard. In the mornings I have my coffee outside and when it gets warm I can jump in the pool.  I am Blessed.