Oct 8th – 9th Zephyrhills to Wimauma, FL East of Sun City

October 8: Hanging out at Dale and Joy Forrester’s place for the second day. It’s peaceful here and they even invited me in for meals. I asked them if they would consider adopting me and they said they would. I went with Dale to their church prayer breakfast this morning and they asked me to share and also took an offering for our cause. Came back and washed the rig. All day I would take breaks and sit in his shop. I love his woodworking shop and he always has easy chairs set up. If I was gone to long he would call out for me to come in and take a break. We really hit it off. Dale wanted more pictures of his IH and Johnabilt so we had fun taking different poses and he wanted for me to take one where his IH is kissing Johnabilt, making up. Lol I went to bed early but had trouble sleeping. I kept thinking it’s coming to a end and how will I handle the change from what I was used to the last 5.5 months. Oct 9th I was up early and ready to take off at daybreak. I came down 301 to south of Zephyrhills, got 39, and came through Plant City. I had a lot of traffic heading down to route 674 west to a camp site in Wimauma, east of Sun City. In Plant City they are busy planting strawberries. I stopped to top my tank off and while I was pumping gas a gentleman came up to me and said “I don’t believe this but I saw you in Cody, WY at a camp site we work at in the summer,” a small world. I am at Church of God campground. I stopped here in 2017. It’s a nice camp ground. I was planning on putting down to Manatee National Forest campground 6 mile south of here but I think I may just stay here. I only have 35 miles to Sarasota from here. Just had a gentleman stop by to thank us. His two children were in the Military and he said a friend texted him to let him know he saw me putting down 301. I am in a dazed everything happening so fast at the end.