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Sept. 23-25

Sept 23rd

Last night I got a knock on my door, camp hosts brought me down some desert and asked if they could take more pictures.

It is a beautiful morning to be putting down to Niceville, FL. I had a number of hills going across route 4 and then I picked up route 85 south and again a lot of traffic. But I did have a shoulder to run on and I was at the Elks Lodge by noon.

Rick Woelfl from the Elks Lodge was working installing a 30 amp plug, and boy it was hot I felt bad for him. We headed out for lunch at a local deli.

It was nice having air conditioning and I was ready for bed early like 5:30 pm.

Sept 24

Slept good last night, thanks to Rick from the Elk’s installing the 30 amp outlet so I would have air conditioning in the camper.

Rick came back out to finish his project and I worked on the camper and cleaned Johnabilt up on the inside.

While I was inside of the cab cleaning windows, this lady came by and said, “Hi, are you the tractor guy?” I said, “yes.” She said, “There is a lady that wants to see you.” I was thinking, ’so why isn’t she coming up to the tractor, she has just as much walking back as I do.’

The lady said, “Well she is in the car now.” So I thought she must be pretty old if she can’t walk up to me. I did mention to her, “that we are having a Meet and Greet from 4 to 6 pm if you all would like to come back at that time.”

“No, this lady wants to see you now.” OK…. with a puzzled look and wondering why she can’t come to me, I walked with her back towards the building and I said, “Where is she, is she in the car around the building?” I was still thinking why couldn’t she come to me.

This lady said, No come with me.”

As I walked around the building there stands Cindy, Founder and President of Operation Second Chance. What a surprise Cindy and her friend Margarethe drove four hours each way to surprise me and take me out for lunch! I had never met her friend before. I want you to know this lady I walked back  to see, was not old it was our one and only young Cindy McGrew!

They made my day and took me out for lunch and then took me to Wal-Mart for a few items like my special pretzels I like.

They drove back to Alabama four hours to Cindy’s friend’s farm.

At 4:00 we had our Meet and Greet and I met a lot of wonderful people and was able to share our mission. Had couple guys come from the military base close by.

Even a friend I met on FB, years ago, that used to live in Williamsport, PA, came by. Thank you Daniel Steppe for stopping by. His father lives at his farm west of Williamsport, PA.

It was a fun evening and I was ready for bed.

Sept 25th

Got up and met Rick for breakfast at a nearby coffee shop. Before I was on my way. I had a lot of traffic coming out of Niceville. All the Military bases are nearby. I putted east on route 20 and it was a nice drive for a number of miles. I was running right alongside of the Gulf of Mexico.

I arrived in Ebro, FL, at RV Park of Ebro. Yesterday when I called, the owner said they were full, but after explaining my trip and asking if they would only have electric and she got back to me and said they have room. There is a dryer plug I can plug in. I was thankful I didn’t have to putt another 40 miles.

The owner stopped by and said, “No charge,” and gave us a nice donation. Thank You to The R V Park of Ebro.

I am taking small bunny hops now to Tallahassee. Our event is on the 3rd of Oct.