You are currently viewing Sept. 21st Range to East Brewton, AL, to FLORIDA!!

Sept. 21st Range to East Brewton, AL, to FLORIDA!!

I left Range, AL, this morning, and I only had 27 miles, so I was in no hurry to leave.

Coming into East Brewton, AL, I stopped at a grocery store to stock up on food and supplies. I may have to make another short trip or two, to get me to Sarasota.

I putted down route 41 to East Brewton, AL, and found my campground and went back to bed most of the day. I think I am still exhausted from last week.

Wow this evening there was a steady stream of cars and trucks coming through the camp site taking pictures. I was close to the road.

I did get up and wash my camper floor.

Sept 22nd   East Brewton, AL to East of Berryville, FL

An exciting day, I only had 7 miles to the FL, State Line. I slept in, knowing I only had 25 miles to Black Bear Lake Campgrounds along route 4. I of course, had to stop and have a photo opp at the state line. No, I was not pole dancing! I was just excited to see Florida after 5,000 plus miles and 5 plus months of not seeing my family and friends.

I putted on down 87 to route 4 east to my campground. I wasn’t here long until channel 3 came out to do an interview and take video’s. After we did the interview the reporter crawled in the cab with me and we headed down the road for some videos of me coming up the road. We had a good time and made me feel good when the reporter said this was one of the best reporting assignments he  hashad for a long time. He loved riding with me in Johnabilt.

Tomorrow I am hoping to arrive in Niceville, FL. I will be camped out at the Elks Lodge (224 Seminole Ave Valparaiso, FL 32580) and Tuesday evening they are having a Meet and Greet and Channel 3 is planning on being there.