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Oct. 5

Oct. 5 I was about ready to leave and there was a knock on the door. There stood Kenny Young with a box of donuts. His wife Sandy got him to go to Johnson’s Bakery in Perry, to pick up a box of doughnuts. Vanessa in Tallahassee  was telling me that I needed to stop in and get some doughnuts. The owners are Vanessa’s parents. Thank you and I am enjoying them! I came down Cross City to Old Town, FL, to Suwannee River Bend RV Park. When I pulled in and they were quite taken aback by my rig and found me a spot and said there will be no charge. Thank You to Suwannee River Bernd Park! They also said I could stay as long as I wanted. but the 70 miles I need to go tomorrow through the week, is busy with traffic and I would like to get down through there on a Sunday morning and less traffic. Channel 4 out of Gainesville, FL, stopped by for an interview.