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Oct. 1-4

Oct 1st

I have three days to hang out at my campsite, which gives me a chance to work on the camper and Johnabilt and prepare for our event on the 3rd of Oct.

Wal-Mart is only half a mile away so I jumped on Smiley today and was able to stock up on supplies for the balance of the trip.

I got up early and washed the rig before any other campers were awake. I am starting to get excited about putting into Sarasota next weekend. It was a long hot summer, but it was a very rewarding trip.

For 5 1/2 months I had a routine and now coming to an end will be an adjustment for me. It will seem strange sleeping in a regular bed, but I am looking forward to being home and seeing my family and dear friends.

Oct 2nd

Today was another day spent hanging out the camp site, and I got a chance to read. I was getting bored, so I rode Smiley up to Wal-Mart and sat inside and people watched. It’s interesting how everybody is busy and in a hurry and it reminded me again how life is so short and that we need to care for our neighbors, and to stop and smell the roses.


It was an exciting day. After hanging out at the campsite for two days I was ready to move on. The Patriot Guard came at 1:30pm to escort me 7 miles to the Vietnam Chapter 9, also known as the Hooch. Thank you Joe West for getting the escort together.

All these bikes pulled in at the campground with flags waving in the wind, and it was a beautiful site.

We had lots of Veterans and local people show up for a fun evening. A catering service did a great job supplying pork sandwiches.

Andrew Lourake, on the OSC Board, flew his plane up from St Petersburg. I spoke with Andrew many a time this summer by phone but haven’t seen him since our sendoff party.

We sold number of books and t-shirts. It was a nice evening getting to know everyone.

Cody and Vanessa Chism, Luke Murphy and Joe West did a nice job making this event a success and Cody brought his generator for me to hook up my camper and I had air conditioning all night and slept well.

They even had security service the entire night. Can’t thank them enough for that.

Oct 4th

This morning Joe West escorted me out of town through all the traffic. We were on the road by 7am.

When I got within 14 miles of Perry, FL, Cody  Chism called me and said I contacted Perry Police and they are planning on escorting you through Perry. As I got close to Perry they were waiting, with three of them and blocking traffic at every red light. I could just putt right through to Perry KOA RV Park on the south side of town. I pulled in and they said no charge find your spot. Thank You Perry KOA RV Park. What a great day!