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May 27: Memorial Day

It was an honor being invited to stay at the American Legion Post 23. They were calling for rain so the ceremony was held inside.
I stopped in here in 2014 when I was traveling from ocean to ocean. They set me up where I was able to get some rest and now I am ready to move on again.
Mike Buhrmester from Glen’s View Farm stopped by and offered to fill my gas tank up.  He did the same thing in 2014. Thank you Mike, you are so kind. This is a team effort and so many folks are willing to help. I keep saying there is so much good in America. There really is. We just don’t hear about it, so it brings me joy to share that with you. 
They had a beautiful Ceremony. A  World War 11 Veteran spoke and I was so touched.  They asked me to bring the rig over in front of the building and I was able to share our mission with the crowd. The Commander introduced me and I had a number of folks that wanted to hear more about our Mission after the Ceremony.
Late this afternoon I rode Smiley out and got a salad to bring back to the camper. They’re calling for rain tonight, so I got Johnabilt’s skirts out and got them ready to put on if needed. 
I’m looking forward to trekking south to Penfield, IL, in the morning, and will be getting ready for our Convoy Wed morning. Chanel 3 out of Champagne is coming out at 8:30 to interview and film our 60 mile convoy to Arthur, IL. This will be a grand convoy! I wish the Team could be here now. 
I spent some time today servicing Johnabilt and checked the oil. One camper tire needed air (thank you Andrew for the air pressure monitor) I know when a tire needs air. I also pumped a few pounds in Johnabilt’s back tires and brought them up to 22 pounds. 
I’m looking forward seeing all my Arthur, IL friends. Get ready folks, this will be a grand entrance to town!