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May 25: 54 Miles Nappanee to Winamac, IN

Glen Yoder and his wife came over as I was getting ready to leave the community center, with a dozen donuts and they wished me well and said prayers for my safety.
I had a quiet and peaceful ride this morning on all back country roads and actually I noticed a few fields planted with corn.
I stopped at a pull off and started the generator and made myself some coffee. Soon after lunch, I pulled in at Broken Arrow Campground in Winamac, IN. I was greeted with a crowd of people.
I had called yesterday to make a reservation and at first they said they are full this weekend and couldn’t take any more, but after I explained what we were doing she said you know we will find room!
I felt blessed when I arrived today the manger said we have a good spot and there will be no charge. More great people in America! 
I can put up with all the gulf carts going by and diesel pickups blowing black smoke and radios blaring out loud with dogs barking in the background. They are having a good time and there isn’t any fighting, at least for now.
I have been invited to play BINGO; I can’t quiet picture myself yelling out BINGO! I’m told there will be a band playing. I mentioned to them that I will be going to bed early. I will turn on my new air conditioning and enjoy my nice cool camper, while the gulf carts go flying by trying to make it on time to play bingo. There will be dogs barking, loud music and pickup trucks going by blowing black smoke. Hey!  Life is good and I am blessed!
I went in the office and they said we are so excited you choose our campground. She showed me my site and I didn’t more than turn off the key on Johnabilt, and here they come on gulf carts. There are 300 permanent campers that camp here and 100 on weekends. The word spread quickly after seeing all the people coming my way I am thinking no blogging today.
A lot were Veterans and were excited about our mission and travels and were willing and honored to sign our book for later contact. A number of them also gave donations.
I took Smiley off his perch and rode up to the office and asked if they had a laundry. They didn’t but said you may use our personal one. Wow, how nice, because I was running fresh clothes.
A rain shower came by so I was able to blog.  It’s nice to have a break this afternoon and get caught after.
There weren’t any gas stations along the way, so I will need to pump some gas up form my spare tank.
John, a local Air Force fella met up with me when I arrived.
The music is getting louder from all the different campers. There is rock and roll, country and I’m really not sure what some of the other music is. It kind of sounds a little like jungle music. One camper is hampering nails. They are all having a good time.  A reminder this is a great country and this weekend above all, we are remembering those that paid the ultimate price for our Freedom. I am so grateful. I will never take one day for granted.