You are currently viewing May 24: Park at Coummity Center 29 Miles Warsaw to Nappanee, IN and New AC Unit

May 24: Park at Coummity Center 29 Miles Warsaw to Nappanee, IN and New AC Unit

I had a nice drive up RT 15, a country road from Warsaw, IN. Received a call from Sinclair Broadcasting Group and they would like to meet me when I get up close to Nappanee.  When they caught up to me, we headed west on this back road taking a lot of video’s. Part of the time the reporter was traveling with me in the cab. It was a fun afternoon.
Yesterday, I wasn’t sure if I talked about it,  but I tried my air conditioner and found out that it would not blow cold air. I called Bob, President of Stoltzfus RV and he thought the air compressor must be going bad.
Nappanee, IN, is the camper world of the US. Bob said he will make some calls but was concerned that because this is a holiday weekend, that he might have a tough time finding anyone to come out.
I talked about it here at Kountry Wood Products and Rich (one of the sons) said let me make some calls. Glen and Rich Yoder came out. Rich has worked on RV’s all his life and his specialty is working and installing air conditioners. He said let me make some calls and see if I can’t find one.
He called me back shortly after and said we have a part at our office over at Forest River of Primetime RV and we will bring it out in the morning and install it at no charge!  Thank you for what you are doing. Glen tried the air conditioner out and it cools real nice.
Wow! I was overwhelmed. Everyone is so helpful making this mission a success.
They came out around 10 am and installed the air conditioner, and what a relief;  I now have a cool place to sleep!
Rich Yoder noticed I needed some sealent on some seams on the camper and he took care of it. Rich took me on a tour of the Kountry Wood Products MFG. Another wow! It is quite an experience. They have 12 trailer loads of cabinets leave that building each day and ship all over the US.
We had a wonderful meet and greet and lots of folks came by.  Local Police, Fireman, antique tractor buffs even IH friends. Of course, a comment was made, that when it comes to supporting our Veterans it doesn’t matter what color tractor you have. I even got a red hat and I gladly wore it for a photo op after we received a donation.
Danny Miller presented me with a monument, I just love it! 
The event went on till 9 pm and I was ready to crash and decided to blog today when I get to a camp ground.