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May 23: 29 Miles, A Storm, and Speeding!

There was quite a storm last night! It woke me up at 11:30 pm and I found myself running out and putting the caps on Johnabilt’s exhaust pipes.

Johnabilt and camper were a rocking. Poor Smiley was holding on for the ride. 

Looking at the damage around me this morning, we were lucky. A camper not too far away had a 6 inch branch come through his camper’s window. Glad he was ok. The electric went off and most of Warsaw was out of electricity part of the day.

I putted up 15 north. It cleared off and was a nice sunny day with winds from the west. I was putting through farm country however RT15 had cracks on the road and was quite rough so I put my neck brace on and stuck a pillow on my back, hoping that would make the ride a little smoother. 

I received a call from Sinclair Broadcasting Group and they wanted to meet up with me along RT15. I met them just north, close to Milford Junction. They interviewed me in a parking lot and then we headed west on a back road towards Nappanee. The reporter crawled in the cab with me with a Go Pro and started filming and asking questions. As we putted down the road the other cameraman took pictures as we came down the road.

I arrived at Kountry Wood Products in front of their Community event center. It is beautiful! I am looking forward to tomorrow evening. They invited a number of people and I will be sharing my slides and talking about our Operation Second Chance mission. I will be set up in front of the community center all day tomorrow.

I actually broke the speed limit today. I was so glad there was not radar set up. Not sure I will be able to sleep, as I was traveling more than 10 MPH!