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May 22: 93 Miles

I putted out of Van Wert this morning soon after 6:30 am. It was nice traveling out RT 24 with very little traffic. I arrived at the Indiana State line and had to stop to take some pictures. I had cars stopping and following me all morning. When I pulled in a gas station for some coffee, in no time at all, 4 pickup trucks pulled in and all said they heard we were in the area and had to hunt us down.
I was going to make it a short day today and stop at Columbia City but when I got there I realized they didn’t have hookups. So I decided to putt on up to Warsaw. It made for a long day but the weather was nice in the afternoon after the sun came out and I was glad to get to Warsaw.  I came up Old Lincoln Highway and there were cracks across the road which made Johnabilt’s front end jump up and down, so I had to slow down to 11 mph and boy my back started hurting.
Putting up the back country roads through the farm land was beautiful except, still no crops planted and there was water standing in the fields.
It got warm after the sun came out and after I pulled in Pike Lake Campground around 5:30 pm, I took Smiley and headed up town to Apple B’s for a warm meal.
I was so tired, but I started blogging and I couldn’t blog because it was saying my minutes are used up this month so I gave up went to bed. In the middle of the night we had a severe storm come through and the camper was rocking, so I ran out to put the cover on Johnabilts stacks, that’s when I saw that Johnabilt was also rocking, so I ran back in and it wasn’t long that my electric went off.
When I got up and looked out I feel very fortunate because nearby a camper had a limb go through his slide out. The electric was still off this morning and I have my generator running.
I think I will hang out here till lunch and than head to Nappanee.