August 19 54 Miles in 106 Degree Temperatures

August 19 54 Miles in 106 Degree Temperatures

It was such a hot day with temperatures reaching 105 degrees! Even with the heat, it was a good day and I had a lot of folks stop by at the campsite, all the way up to 8 pm. Not sure what time I went to bed, but I finally fell asleep.

I was invited to meet with the locals up town at a café, so I got up at 5 am and left to be up there at 6 am. It was dark and was the first time I drove in the dark on this trip.  I had a nice time with the locals and when I stepped outside, here was the whole Fire Department waiting for me. They said we want to escort out to the county line. I was speechless. How wonderful of them!

As I putted out of town, I had one fire truck leading the way and thee following me. This was so cool and I found that the town of Silverton, TX, is very Patriotic. I felt welcome from everyone. I wish my Team could be here now!

I putted east on route 86 then got route 70 south to Matador, TX. I had some rolling hills and actually one hill that I shifted down into 5th gear.

From this morning and all day, I had people passing and waving and stopping along the road taking videos and pictures. I pulled off twice to rest and both times cars stopped asked if they could take pictures. They said they saw us on the news.

On my travels today, I passed acres and acres of cotton fields.

I got settled in at my campsite, hopped on Smiley and headed into town to a small café for lunch. I was sitting there next to a couple at another table. After a while the lady said, “You are that tractor man.” I asked how she knew, and she mentioned that I came by their ranch, when they were out ready to load round bales of hay. She said that I waved and tooted my horn at them. Then she said, “I saw you drive in here on a yellow scooter and your hat gave it away.” I loved talking to them. They have a lot of beef cows and we compared notes on farming in the east or out here. They left and when I went to pay the waitress said your bill has been paid. The couple the you were talking to paid it.

I couldn’t even thank them. Just like that, they were gone. Thank you to my new friends.