Sept. 15-16 Natchez to Monticello, MS – 84 Miles

Sept. 15-16 Natchez to Monticello, MS – 84 Miles

Sept 15th

I left early knowing it’s going to be another hot day. I had a 4 lane highway to travel on all day and very little traffic being it is Sunday morning.

It was a long day. The one campsite I wanted to stay in was closed for lake repairs, but I did find another one further east. I just needed to travel another 20 miles. Found Atwood Water campground and it is quiet and peaceful, so I decided to stay here two nights.

I had a number of people stopping along the roads taking pictures and one Veteran saluting as I went by. I pulled off and talked to him and he signed our book. I called a gentleman from the Elks Lodge in Niceville, FL, and they would like for me to stay at the lodge. He said they will have a 220 30 amp hook up for me. He has an RV so he knows what I need. It looks like I might be there the 23rd and 24th of Sept.

Sept 16th

I got up early and washed the rig before it got hot and rode up to town on Smiley looking for a one magnet. I think I lost it when I turned in at a gas station.  Looking forward trekking further east tomorrow hoping to reach Laurel, MS.

Even though I have lots of miles to travel and more events along the way. I am getting excited smelling that Gulf Breeze in Sarasota.