Sept 17 & 18

Sept 17 & 18

Sept 17th   Monticello to Laurel, MS       70 miles

I was up early and ready to move on. I started out just as it was getting daylight and had my lights on the first 30 minutes. I putted east on route 84 it was nice traveling. A 4 lane highway but a lot of truck traffic. I stopped a number of times to take a break. It was another hot day but only in the high 90’s instead of over 100 degrees.

I was glad to get to Sleepy Hollow RV north of Laurel. When I pulled in this gentleman came around my camper and said,  “IT’S ABOUT TIME YOU CAME BACK!”

I had stopped in the campground in 2017 when I went across the US. In 2017 they said no charge let’s find you a good spot and the same was true for this trip.


The owner’s name is Shorty. I followed him down to my site and he plugged me in while I was getting the air conditioner on. I decided to lay down and take a nap< It didn’t seem like the air conditioner was working right. All of a sudden, I heard a loud crack. I ran out to unplug the unit and called Shorty, and he came down to see what was happening. I smelled an electrical smell in the camper. He moved me to another site, since now there was no electric at that site.

We discovered they had a main underground neutral wire corroded and now there wasn’t a neutral. It blew out my converter. Wow, I was upset. Another glitch.

They got on the phone and ordered one but it won’t come in until tomorrow. I was planning on leaving in the morning but now I need to stay. I need that converter and they are taking care of it.

What a day, but I was safe and as I say another day on the farm! It could have been worse, like blowing out my appliances in the camper, but they are all good. It blew out the main 200 amp breaker that feeds that part of the campsites so a lot of people were out of electric part of the evening.

Sept 18th

Slept in till 7:30 am, and when I woke up I felt like something is crawling on me. I get up and I see I have been invaded by swarms of small ants. Over my counter, on the floor, they were everywhere! I went outside and the whole side of the camper was solid with these small ants. Once again, I called Shorty and he came down with a sprayer and sprayed all around the campsite, and the side of the camper. It killed them right away but now they are in my camper. Shorty said Welcome to Mississippi.

He said every now and then they have them, none of the other sites had them. I feel the love they wanted me.

I jumped on Smiley and was so frustrated, I think I might have even laid rubber with Smiley as I headed 5 miles to town for ant traps for inside of the camper. I washed the floors and counter tops and I still see a few here a here. I’m hoping I will soon have them out of here. So that was my not so restful day. Another day on the farm. lol

Evening came and still no converter.  I am leaving in the morning and I will have them send it to Niceville, FL, and I will install it myself.

What the converter does, is keep the battery charged up. I have a small battery charger along that I need to put on each evening until I get the new converter installed.

Sept 19th     Laurel, MS to Coffeeville, Alabama                64 miles

I was on the road  a little before daylight. I knew it was going to be a stressful day, because when I get into Alabama the 4 lanes turn into two lanes for the next 80 miles. There are lots of logging trucks and no shoulder, and I will be glad when I am threw all of that.

After 20 miles I got to the Alabama State line, but there was no shoulder and no place to pull off so I had to get a photo of the state sign on the run because I had to logging trucks behind me. I had 40 plus miles of two lane roads and tomorrow I will have another 60 miles of the same.

I must say the semis were very considerate. I wasn’t number one anytime and couple of them even stopped up ahead to take pictures.

I pull into my campsite called Service Park Campground close to Coffeeville, AL. A gentleman comes out said, “No charge. I am a veteran let’s find you a good spot.”

Thank You, Service Park Campground.

I was plugging in my electric at my site and a car pulls up. A lady said,  “I brought my 80 year old mother along, she wants to see your tractor and has been following you on the web this whole trip. You went through our town 5 miles back, and my mother insisted I bring her down after she saw where you turned in at the campsite.”

It was great chatting with them and I thanked them for their support.