Sept 12 Leesville to Pineville, LA – 64 Miles

Sept 12 Leesville to Pineville, LA – 64 Miles

I’ve been trying to leave at day break to void some of the heat. This allows me time to get to my campsites around noon and before the heat sets in too much.  It was in the 70’s this morning but by 9 am it got hot and I turned the air conditioner on.

I had 4 lane roads to run on and a nice wide shoulder for about 20 miles then it came back to 2 lanes. There was a lot of truck and car traffic and I counted 7 State Police cars by 9 am. Not sure where they were all heading to. Not one of them stopped to explain to me why so many are heading east. Ha

I looked in my mirror and I see a truck following me with his flashers on and a strobe light on top. I was little confused unless he wants to escort me. I decided to pull over and he came around and stopped. He got out and apologized for stopping me. He wanted to thank me for our mission said he has been seeing it on the area news. He is a Veteran from the Iraq war.

He signed my book and thanked us again for bringing awareness.

I traveled through Alexandria and I had lot of traffic.  I took the bicycle route because the only other route is getting on the interstate. Traveled some back streets through some interesting neighborhoods and rough streets I was bobbing up a down even at 11 MPH. I got out of town on route 28 east. A  small car passed me and pulled off. I wasn’t sure what she was up to, but then I it was an older little lady and she was flashing some money so I pulled over.

She got out and bless her heart, she had a cane and had trouble walking caring her oxygen bottle and had trouble speaking. She said, I just had to stop and give something I don’t have much but I want to give what I have. It warmed my heart she gave what she could.

I realized my propane gas is getting low. The last time I filled it was in Red Lodge, MT. My refrigerator  runs on propane when I am not hooked up to electricity. This should take me home.

I had been looking for a gas company for the last week and while traveling east on 28 I spied Ferrellgas company. I pulled in and headed in the office. The Secretary asked one of the workers from the back to come out to fill my camper tank. He comes out and gets this surprised look on his face. He said, “It’s you!” He said, “I just talked to my Father-in-Law and he knows you. He lives in Alaska. I told him I saw you on news and sure would love to see you. I come out and here you are. How exciting!”

Thank You Ferrellgas for filling my tank and saying, it’s on us. More great folks!