Jasper, TX To Leesville, LA – 64 Miles

Jasper, TX To Leesville, LA – 64 Miles

SEPT 10th

Hanging out and resting at campsite                      Today we been on the road four month

I stepped outside and it was pleasant. We had some rain last night and some cloud cover. I’m planning on taking advantage of it, because by noon it’s supposed to be in the high 90’s.

I took Smiley off its perch and rode 3 miles to a Wal-Mart got some supplies and I think I got my last haircut. I got the Wal-Mart special. There is a picture of Smiley loaded with down with supplies for the 3 mile trip back to the campsite.

I got extra because I am hoping it will last me till Sarasota.

I slept some this afternoon and waited till evening to clean off my magnets, as they are full of nails, screws and wire that I pick up riding on the shoulder.

Wow, it’s 3 pm and we are having a nice shower this should help our heat wave for today!

I sat outside for a while for the first time in over a month. The rain cooled it down enough, that it was comfortable, but it wasn’t long till cars start driving in. They could see from the road. So much for relaxing.

Sept 11th

Left at day break it was foggy and there was cloud cover, so I didn’t need the air conditioner until 10 am. It was exciting to see the Louisiana State sign, and of course I had to stop and take pictures!

I had lot of truck traffic and coming into Leesville, LA. The road was rough and had a lot of traffic. I pulled off to check my map and a truck pulled up. As I got out a gentleman stepped out of his truck, it was the Local Commissioner and his Secretary. He said, “Wow, I never thought I would see you. We saw this on Fox News and we appreciate what you are doing.” He handed me a donation.

I stopped to top my tank off and soon had people around me asking about our mission.

I am heading east on route 28 and a car goes around and stops. Now she is taking pictures and waves. I pass her and she passes me again and motions me to pull off the road.

She thanked us for our mission and with tears went on to say her son is a Marine and just got back and he is struggling with PTSD. I explained what our mission is about and she did say the VA has been helpful so far but she is concern for him.  She gave a donation and thanked me and asked me not to give up, and again thanked us for our mission.

I am at Walnut Hill RV Park east of Leesville, TX. I was out checking my oil and the usual maintenance with Johnabilt . This young lady by the name of Tiffany walked up and said, “Thank You, Thank You. Thank you so much for bring awareness to PTSD. I lost my husband 10 years ago from PTSD. She now is dating the owner of the park and I was told earlier there is no charge they have one spot left and it’s mine when I get there.

Tiffany asked if she could take pictures and send them to a friend. Her friend said they were up in northern TX, on a camping trip and met the nicest man who is going across American bringing Awareness. (Couldn’t of been talking of me lol.) Her friend said, “I so wish you could meet him and share about your husband.”

She said, “You won’t believe this, I think he just pulled in and I just got to meet him!”

I think it was meant to be. She came over and talked with me for quite a while about PTSD and how her husband struggled. What really set him off, was the military told him he just isn’t fit in anymore and they released him. They never helped him adjust back to civilian life. I felt so sorry for her. Before she left she thank me for  listening. I think it helped her being able to talk to me about him.

I walked away with a heavy heart.

I started planning for tomorrow. I will be glad when I get through Alexandria, LA. It’s a big city with lots of traffic and no other way around it. I called 3 campgrounds and they are full for tomorrow, which surprised me. I just found one in Pineville east of Alexandria. It’s actually a tractor supply that has a RV campsites and they had one left. What a relief!

My flag at half-staff, in remembrance of all those that lost their lives on 9-11. I am reminded that because of that day, it was a turning point for many of our young people to up and join the military. They wanted to make sure our nation is protected. They wanted to protect you and me.

I want to recognize Log Cabin RV Park Jasper, TX, and Walnut Hill RV Park Leesville, LA, for giving me a free campsite to rest my weary body.