May 19: 44 Miles and Another Traveling Tractor

May 19: 44 Miles and Another Traveling Tractor

I putted out of the Caskey’s campsite little after 7:00 AM and had a nice country ride down to Jeromerville
on back roads and through farm land. It was peaceful and I was able to relax and listen to music. I didn’t even have to shift down.

Met up with Bill Ries at the American Legion in Jeromesville with his John Deere A. This is the one they drove to Alaska 20 years ago. We did a photo op with the two traveling tractors. Glen and Betty Martin drove theirs to Alaska for a mission project, and now I am driving mine for the third time, around the USA, to raise awareness for our nations Heroes and First Responders.

Bill purchased his and we have been trying to get together for the last year to get pictures. It was a good day.

National News arrived for an interview and took a lot of pictures of me putting up the highway and then they also came to Hayesville Firehall for our event. It was a great event at the Fire hall. People were generous with their donations and many had read my book and saw that I like shoofly pie. Sure enough they presented me with a pie. I now have two in my freezer and one on my counter for a total of 3 shoofly pies that I will be cutting in the morning.

I am camping out here at the fire house and in the morning I will head to Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

There was a State Senator, and a local Mayor there that spoke. There was a good crowd, but I was so busy, that I didn’t get any pictures since I was also speaking.

Pictures of Bill Ries and I in front of our tractors that did two different missions.

Also pictures in the cab of those that sacrifice for our Freedom.

A picture of Joe Lyons; a Veteran with a  Purple Heart.