Johnabilt Test Run

Johnabilt Test Run

Today was an interesting day.

I hooked up the camper this afternoon and took Johnabilt for a 31 mile ride. I admit I am a little tired. Before I left, I hung a sign in the back, saying ‘Test Run’.

Today gave Johnabilt and myself a real good work out. I went up some steep hills and back down again. I crawled up a couple of them in 4th. The feeling is coming back! I crawled down a steep slope trying to keep Johnabilt from pulling too hard to one side and at the same time applying brakes to the camper and keeping my breathing calm.

Steve set the timing up a little, thinking it will give me more power but not sure it made much difference.

I stopped about 4 times adjusting the clutch. I would pull off of the road and be standing along side of Johnabilt with my tools and clutch plate off. People kept stopping asking if I was ok.

Half way through the ride I was asked to stop in at Morgantown Heritage Restaurant, I want to thank them for buying my dinner tonight. I shared about our upcoming trip. Thank You Jocelyn for the invite.

I arrived back home just before dark and put Johnabilt away. I really think he is ready for this task ahead of him.

A couple of the hills made me think of my 3 big ones in Western PA. I will be crawling up those steep hills in 4th gear at about 5 miles per hour. I hope everyone has patience with me. I’ll sleep well tonight!