August 27th-28th: 37 Miles and a Few Familiar Faces

August 27th-28th: 37 Miles and a Few Familiar Faces

August 27th

It thundered during the night and rained all morning, so I stayed at the camp and didn’t leave until noon after it slowed down.

I had many nights of rain but this is the first time that it rained during the day since western PA.
After it stopped, I took off and made my way down the road.  A truck passed me and stopped, a veteran jump out and saluted me. I had left my camera in the camper so I was sorry I didn’t get a picture.

I only had around 37 miles so I stopped at a grocery store and got some supplies. As I was putting east on Route 199 I saw a Good Year store. I stopped and decided to replace one tire on the camper that is warn down to the thirds as I was concerned it was going to blow. When I replace the other two, the tire company in CO didn’t have the third one. Now my tires are all good and should take me to FL.

I pulled into the campground and found my spot. I got on Smiley and rode up town to a hardware store for a small chain to hang my other magnet on.

When I got back I had a number of Veterans around my rig. I enjoyed talking to them, especially the one who was a Viet Nam Vet. He stayed quite a while and before he left handed me a nice donation.
I slept good last night, but was having some back pain in the morning so I took two Ibuprofen pills. By noon time I was getting so sleepy. I just wanted to head to bed and sleep, I was frustrated. I had work to do on Johnabilt.

I was in the camper and check my pill box, I had taken two Ibuprofen PM pills instead of just a Ibuprofen pill. Oh No! It was a senior moment.

Aug 28th

Spent time working on the rig tightening Johnabilt’s clutch, cleaning out the cab, washing the camper floor and usual house cleaning.

It was great seeing Cindy McGrew and Jeremy Jackson who flew out this morning to be at the Fundraising Event in Ft Worth at Copper’s Steak House.

I was so excited I got to see family! We spent time visiting in the camper and planning the balance of the trip.

Aug 28 2
Aug 28 1