August 21 – 23 Crowell to Seymour, TX

August 21 – 23 Crowell to Seymour, TX

I traveled the back roads from Crowell to Seymour. It was nice putting down the road with little traffic. Most of the time I was by myself out in the country. Every now and then, I would stop and take a break and go for a walk, you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet. Today was a shorter run and arrived around noon in Seymour, TX, at Ken & Myra’s RV Park. I’m planning on staying two nights and they said the first night is free.

I slept and slept some more this afternoon. I didn’t realize how tired I have been from the heat. It was good catching up on rest.

I took Smiley of her perch and went up town to get more water; I have been drinking a lot of water these last couple of days.

I talked to Steve Koser and we agreed I can set my carburetor setting back to where it was when I started, now that I am down to 1400 ft above sea level. It will drop more as I come into Fort Worth, to 643 ft above sea level. I will be able to keep it at that setting the rest of the journey to Sarasota, FL. I put new plugs in and a new gas filter.

When I get down to Jasper TX and my wheels turn east I have a feeling Johnabilt will be like a horse that smells home, it will be hard to hold him back.

Aug 22nd     Spent the day in Seymour, TX

I got up early and washed the rig before it got too hot. It is to be another hot day with temperatures over 100 degrees.

By noon it was not fit to be working outside, so I jumped on Smiley and headed up town to a Auto Parts store for oil. I’m planning on changing the oil in Crawford, TX, and that should be the last time I need to that on this trip.

I walked in the store looking for my oil and a gentleman came in and said, “So you are Johnabilt?” I asked how he knew, and “He said I saw you come into town yesterday and looked you up on your website, and when you rode in with that yellow scooter I knew it had to be you.” Lol  I can’t hide but he thanked me and of course I was answering a lot of other questions to other people in the store and was able to share about our mission.

I slept a lot in the afternoon didn’t realize how tired I was.

We had a rain storm later in the afternoon and that cooled it down a little. I hear there is a cold front coming in the next few days. I sure am looking forward to that!

Aug 23rd    Seymour to Olney, TX

I left early this morning and it actually was not as hot. I don’t have that far to travel to Olney, TX, as I slowly putt towards Fort Worth each day.

I pulled in at (Over Yonder RV Park) and they both came out and said, “ Welcome back!” I forgot I stopped in here two years ago. The owner said, “Pick your spot, there will be no charge, we are glad to have you back!” They bought a T Shirt and two hats, plus they gave a nice donation.

I rode Smiley out to a local Diner and had a warm meal. Came back and spent the afternoon catching up on my blogs. We had a shower and it was cooler so it was nice to just to enjoy sitting outside and chatting with the owners. When I say cooler weather 90 degrees instead of 108 degrees, is what I’m talking about.

Over Yonder RV Park been so gracious making sure I am comfortable and they didn’t charge me, just like Glen & Myra’s Lodge and RV Park.

I was able to sit outside this evening for the first time in 4 weeks, because of the heat. There was a nice breeze blowing and it was quite comfortable.

The owners  came by today and said they said they already sent pictures to their  daughter who is in the Air Force. She is stationed in Japan and she shared the pictures on base so it’s great we are reaching out as far as Japan!