August 16th Spending A Few Days At Assiters Auction Company

August 16th Spending A Few Days At Assiters Auction Company

Aug 16th

I camped out at the Auction Company and was up early. I was excited being able to be here on auction day. Spanky asked me to pull my rig inside and set up before the auction and share with folks about our mission as they arrived. We put a care package together and Spanky auctioned it off and at the same time he matched the funds on the final bid. It was so exciting! The news media were there filming and Amy and Spanky donated an antique flag. We think the flag is from WWI or WWII and we plan to do some research to see how much we can find out about it. It is beautiful (Welcoming our Hero’s Home).

During the auction we had a consignor that was selling a farm disc. He spoke up and said, “I want the money raised for this, donated to Operation Second Chance.”

During the last half of the sale they put me to work bid spotting on the floor. I loved being an auctioneer and this was an honor for me.

They had a great auction. It lasted until 5 pm and was very organized. It was great to see how all the employees knew their part and everything ran smooth all day, like a well-oiled machine.

Aug 17th

I camped at Assiter Auction grounds last night and I was no hurry to leave this morning, as I had less than 10 miles to my next campsite. Spanky and Amy and Amy’s two daughters and her brother all came out to see me off. I can’t thank them enough. They were so kind and were great hosts while I was there and they were supportive of our mission.

I putted down the road and stopped at a Wal-Mart and got a few supplies and filled up with gas. While I was in the parking lot I adjusted my clutch and a retired State Trooper came up  to thank me. I got him to sign my book. He explained after his son was born he left that department and he is now in the criminal division and said he was in a meeting last week in Dallas on Children being victimized. He said it was an eye opener.

I left there and passed the Western Campus of Texas A&M University, while traveling to my campsite at Palo Duro RV Park. I had reserved a spot and when I pulled in the owner said we are cancelling the amount charged on your credit card. We have two children in the Military and there  will be no charge.

Tomorrow I will continue putting east, hoping to reach Silverton, TX. I called to make a reservation and she said, “You aren’t the man on a tractor are you?” I said, “yes” and she said, “It’s been all over the news on TV in Amarillo we know all about you  I am thinking that’s kind of scary. lol