August 14th & 15th At The Campsite

August 14th & 15th At The Campsite

August 14th

It was nice getting up knowing I have the whole day to work on my route. I took Smiley off its perch and went to Wal-Mart. I met a number of Veterans that came by to visit me while I was working on Johnabilt. I think I slept a lot today!

Aug 15th

I putted south down to Assiter Auction Company. I only had 18 miles. Sinclair Broadcasting Group caught up with me and videotaped me as I came down the road. They followed me to Aiter Auctioneers and did a interview.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. We are hosting an auction. It’s going to be a large auction with cars, trucks, construction equipment and cycles. If you can imagine, it will be acres and acres full of equipment.

Spanky and Amy do a world class auction and I feel honored to be able to attend. Spanky hooked me up with electric so I will be at the place of business overnight.

He asked me to get a care package together and one time, had me pull my rig into the building. The first thing to sell was the care package, that held two books, T-shirts and hats.

Looking forward having dinner with Spanky and Amy tonight.