August 11th and 12th

August 11th and 12th

Aug 11th

I cleaned up the camper some more and tried to catch up on paperwork and my blogs. There aren’t many people in this campground and it was nice to be able to rest. I rode Smiley up town to get a few supplies and came back and slept. I think I am still exhausted driving 112 miles, in hot 99 degrees outside.

Aug 12          Boise city, OK to Dumas, Texas     64 miles

I got up at 5 am and figured I will take off at 6 am before traffic starts. Route 278 is a busy truck route south into Texas. It was still dark, so I laid down again and took a nap. The sun started coming up 6:45 am, and when I took off, there was a beautiful sun rise.

Oklahoma has them all beat. They have the worst roads! This morning coming down route 278 I could only go 10 mph because there were not just cracks in the road, they were like 5 inches wide and 4 inches deep every 75 ft. I stopped a couple of times just to rest and I tried to take them sideways when there wasn’t any traffic.

I was so glad to see Texas! I stopped to take some photos. As soon as I hit the Texas State line, the roads smoothed out. It was nice traveling the next 45 miles, and I even had a shoulder to run on.

I went past a large feed lot.

I arrived in Dumas, Texas, and when I called the campground the name sounded familiar; Yerby’s R V Park. As I pulled in, I remembered that I was here in 2017. The owner remembered me and said, “I think I have you at your same spot 5B. Here is the map and there will be no charge, thank you again for your mission!”

It’s a nice camp ground. The sites are all concrete and are large sites.

I already reserved my campground in Amarillo, TX. I was concerned they may be fuller since it’s mid-summer.

I think I have 52 miles to Amarillo, TX, in the morning.