Aug 24th – 25th Olney to Jacksboro, TX

Aug 24th – 25th Olney to Jacksboro, TX

I had a shorter day today. I arrived at Hidden Lake Safari Ranch and RV Park around 10:30 am. It’s an interesting RV Park. They have 80 acres fenced in and the owner raises different kinds of deer, antelope and he even has a couple of donkeys roaming the park. The deer walk and graze between the campers.

He has an 8 ft fence around and a cattle guard to drive over to come into the park. I stopped in at the office and they said ‘no charge’ we will find you a good spot. Thank You Hidden Lake Safari Ranch and RV Park!

It wasn’t quite as warm today so I spent time taking the fly wheel cover off and spraying some 10W40 in the starter. Hoping it won’t stick any more. Then I slept and got caught up on recording my receipts.

I took Smiley off its perch and rode 6 miles up into Jacksboro for lunch and stopped at the Dollar Store for water. I am planning on staying here two nights before moving closer to Fort Worth. I have until the 29th to arrive in Fort Worth. I hear there is a surprise waiting for me!

Aug 25th       Jacksboro to Springtown, TX      38 miles

I slept in this morning and spent time putting my magnet back on in front of the back tire. It had gotten torn off when I went over a curb.  I slept a lot and didn’t do much else, as it was too hot to work outside.

Aug 26th

I had a wake up call this morning by two donkeys who decided to stand outside my camper and HE HAW HE HAW.  Lol They roam freely with the deer in the campground, and it’s quite the little Zoo. I went outside and was greeted by an antelope, standing by my camper looking at me.

I only had 38 miles to my campsite at Springtown RV Park. I stopped and topped my gas tank off and in no time, I had folks stopping and taking pictures. Came on down to the campground and pulled in, and they said pick your spot, “No charge, we heard you were in the area.”

Tomorrow I will putt down 15 miles outside of Ft. Worth and stay at Silver Creek RV Park and will wait until the 29th to head in the city. I feel blessed that the last 5 nights, my campsites were donated.

Glen & Myra’s RV Lodge and RV Park in Seymour, TX  1 night

Over Yonder RV Park in Olney, TX  1 nights

Hidden Lake Safari RV Park in Jacksboro, TX  2  nights

Springtown RV Park in Springtown, TX  1 night

Thank you folks! You are great people!